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Artist Statement


In the years since my first show I have explored many subjects, materials and techniques as a painter and have also made low relief and in the round sculpture.

Some years ago I stopped making sculpture except for a series of what I thought of as 3 dimensional drawings. These were copper wire soldered pieces based on insects. At this time I returned to painting. Since then have been looking at and painting houseplants on a windowsill in our house on the edge of the lake in Hamilton, Ontario. Canada. Cora, my wife, is an artist and she also has a green thumb. Our house is full of plants.

Many of these acrylic paintings are made on two or more stretched canvas panels joined together.

In the first of these new paintings I saw an old interest emerging. I realized that what I was trying to show in my early paintings were qualities that I experience when looking at every day things. I feel that these qualities arise from the five elements of earth, fire, water, air and ether, which I believe are the subtle forms behind the physical appearance of every thing. I hope that the viewer recognizes from his or her own experience the character and qualities of form, the light, space, weather and the atmosphere in these paintings. I want to make these qualities as clear as possible. I think that I have always been drawn to the beauty of the way things look to me rather than a conceptual exploration of ideas about them.

For me this work is also about trying to understand a mysterious stillness that the use of certain forms of geometry seems to create when used in the composition and design of the paintings.

Since I retired from teaching Cora and I have spent the winters in St Kitts, West Indies and the Pacific coast of Mexico. We now spend 6 months in Mexico and the other half of the year in Canada and the US visiting family. You can see the work I have done in Mexico at   Look for the "Albums" section in the information bar at the top of the main page

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