Cora and Eric



Watching Victoria Road - the book


Words and calligraphy by: Cora Brittan

Paintings by: Eric Brittan

To Chestney and Peachie Grant who made this trip possible

Cora and Eric’s youngest daughter married the youngest son of the Grant family from St. Kitts in the West Indies. In 2008 the family invited the Brittans to visit St. Kitts and stay in a house of theirs in the capital Bassaterre.

Cora and Eric are artists. They brought their art supplies and set up a studio on the covered balcony of the Sheppard House at # 6 above Victoria Rd.

Eric began a 4 month project of paintings of events he saw on the busy street below. Cora began a series of paintings inspired by their visit to the Caribbean.

Eric gave his paintings as he completed them to Cora to write her impressions about the work. She chose to use the Japanese poetic form of haiku to try and capture the essence of the images. Cora wrote some of the haikus in “nation language” which they heard rising up from the street below and began to understand in time.

During their stay in the islands Cora and Eric visited a number of other islands and were amazed by the beauty of the West Indies

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