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Cora Leslie and Eric Brittan graduated from the art program at Central High School in 1966.

Cora and Eric had their 1st show together after graduation ( 1966) at Mr. David’s at 146 James St south. Paul Hanover opened the exhibition and interviewed the artists live on CHML. Tom Beckett was there and told the artists to stay in touch as he was going to open an art gallery in his fathers photo studio building 2 doors down the street.

Cora and Eric left for England after that exhibition in order to study art and start a life together. 

They married in London Eng 1969 , had 5 daughters, worked and exhibited in London England until 1977 when they returned to Hamilton.

They were both represented by the Beckett Gallery. 

Cora did calligraphy & paintings commissions.  Eric had 3 solo shows ( reviewed in the Ham. Spec ) with Tom. They showed in various galleries around the world. 

They have lived and exhibited in India ( feature in the Hamilton Spec ) Mexico , Europe and the US, but always returned to Hamilton.

They have had 20 annual open studio events and a number of reviews about them and the “Beach House” have appeared in the Hamilton Spectator.

They have a studio on the Pacific coast of Mexico where they work for 6 months from Nov to May. 

Cora and Eric are very dedicated and focused painters and have produced a large body of work which is in private, corporate and academic collections in many countries.


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